• YOUGUTH_Child Strength Up Integrating Gut health & Immune boosting !

    Add “Zinc”
    Helpful for normal immune function

  • YOUGUTH_Lady’s Charming Up Integrating Gut health & Anti-oxidation !

    Add “Vitamin C”
    Helpful for cytoprotection against ROS

  • YOUGUTH_Green Energy Up Intergrating Gut health & Enhancing vitality !

    Add “Vitamin B & Calcium pantothenate”
    Helpful for energy metabolism/generation

  • YOUGUTH_Silver’s Calcium Up Integrating Gut health & Bone health !

    Add “Calcium”
    Helpful for bone/teeth formation

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Probiotics, Why important ? Beneficial and live probiotics in the Intestine have an effect on our gut health.
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for more than 50 years