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ChongKunDang BiO, Launching 3 products as a high potency premium probiotics 2018.07.18 hits|348

ChongKunDang BiO launched ‘YOUGUTH’ 3 products, high potency and premium probiotics.

YOUGUTH is efficient to gut health and immune boosting through using premium probiotics bacteria isolated from intestine of newborns under 2 weeks old and fresh vegetables. It is featured to enhance stability without multi-coating, patented ‘natural cultivation method’, in order to survive in intestine. Also it could be shown a superior effect by once a day through input 100 billion CFU in 1 stick.

YOUGUTH is a premium brand motivated ‘Make your gut younger & healthier’ message by combination among You, Gut, and Youth. YOUGUTH is tailored to all life stage through optimal design of formula and composed of 3 products, ‘Green Energy Up’ for adults’, ‘Lady’s Charming Up’ for women and ‘Child Strength Up’ for junior. CKDBiO’s manager said that “YOUGUTH is high potency premium product applying self-developed patented method” and “we have a plan to actively promote overseas export to USA, China and East-South Asia”.

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