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ChongKunDang BiO, Launching 'YOUGUTH' 3 products as a high potency premium probiotics 2018.06.19 hits|314

ChongKunDang BiO (CKDBiO, Jeong-Jin Lee CEO) launched ‘YOUGUTH’ 3 products, high potency and premium probiotics.

The product manager said that YOUGUTH is efficient to gut health and immune boosting through using premium probiotics bacteria isolated from intestine of newborns under 2 weeks old and fresh vegetables.

It is featured to enhance stability without multi-coating, patented ‘natural cultivation method’, in order to survive in intestine. Also it could be shown a superior effect by once a day through input 100 billion CFU in 1 stick.

YOUGUTH is a premium brand motivated ‘Make your gut younger & healthier’ message by combination among You, Gut, and Youth. YOUGUTH is tailored to all life stage through optimal design of formula and composed of 3 products, ‘Green Energy Up’ for adults’, ‘Lady’s Charming Up’ for women and ‘Child Strength Up’ for junior.

‘Green Energy Up’ for adults is effective to energy generation and enhancing vitality through containing 4 species of 100% botanical probiotics, pantothenic acid, Vitamin B and ginkgo leaf. ‘Lady’s Charming Up’ for women is enhanced function of anti-oxidation and beauty treatment through containing 5 species probiotics, vitamin C and collagen. As well, ‘Child Strength Up’ for junior is helpful to immune boosting of growing children through containing 7 species probiotics and zinc.

CKDBiO’s manager said that “YOUGUTH is high potency premium product applying self-developed patented method” and “we have a plan to actively promote overseas export to USA, China and East-South Asia”.

CKDBiO proceeds collaboration with diverse institutes, such as Seoul National University, Korea Food Research Institute (KFRI) and etc., in order to develop novel functional probiotics. Recently, CKDBiO co-founded Intestine Microbiome Bank (IMB) with Seoul National University and is progressing advanced microbiome R&D.

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