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Probiotics are live microorganism that confer a health benefit to a host.

Functions of probiotics

  • Proliferation of beneficial bacteria and suppression of pathogen image Proliferation of beneficial bacteria
    and suppression of pathogen
    Organic acids by probiotics can
    be used to inhibit the growth of pathogen.
  • Nutrition degradation and absorption image Nutrition degradation and absorption Probiotics improve digestive health
    by degrading non-digestible nutrition
    such as lactose.
  • Smooth bowel movements image Smooth bowel movements Organic acids by probiotics promote
    bowel movements by stimulating
    the intestinal cells.


CKDBio PROBIOTICS : A patent on cultivation method which improves stability. -  A 200% increase of survival rate within the stomach, A 150% increase of survival rates within the bile acid, A 200% increase in survival rate after freeze-dried, A 200% Increase of survival rate against the harsh condition.(* Compared to our existing products.), Isolated strains from the intestine of newborn babies., Isolated strains from fermented vegetable