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Youguth Better life through YOUGUTH. It makes your family healthier and more beautiful. The technological results of microorganism fermentation R&D for more than 50 years Whoever, Whenever, Wherever customized premium probiotics for my family You+ Gut + Youth CKDBiO, manufacturing raw materials of probiotics, contend for victory through using a premium brand! Premium probiotics brand “YOUGUTH” have Launched on 03. 2018.

YOUGUTH-Why premium?

  • High-content (CFU) probiotics Provides 100 Billion CFU active probiotics
    in a stick (daily dose)
    REASON 1
  • Patented cultivation method The method that makes probiotics stronger
    without multi-coating in order to survive
    in the intestine
    REASON 2
  • Premium raw materials Raw materials isolated from the intestine of
    newborns and fresh vegetable
    REASON 3
  • Tailored to all life stage Optimal design of formula reflecting
    age group & gender in order to offer
    necessary assistance
    REASON 4