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Agreement to collect personal information

The personal information you collect
The following personal information is collected by the company to assist in customer consultation, inquiries and complaints.
- Collection Item : Name, Phone number, E-mail adress
- Collection Method : User voluntarily registered via bulletin board

Purpose of personal information collection and utilization
The company utilizes the collected personal information for the following purposes
- Customer Contact, The handling of civil affairs, Identification, Checking the facts of inquiries and complaints(Include additional confirmation), Processing result notification

Retention and utilization of personal information
In principle, after the purpose of personal information collection and utilization is achieved, the information is destroyed without delay. However, the company shall keep the member information for a certain period specified by the relevant statutes as follows if it is necessary to preserve the information according to the relevant statutes.
- Retention Item : Name, Phone number, E-mail adress
- Retention basis : Consumer protection and data management
- Retention period : 1 year

Records on the handling of consumer complaints or disputes : 3 years (Act on consumer protection in electronic commerce, etc.)